Milo’s Hat Trick

I love Jon Agee’s Milo’s Hat Trick.  Milo is a not so impressive magician who is told that he’d better find a way to pull a rabbit out of his hat – or else, but what he finds is actually even better.  

The first time I ever read it to anyone was when I was doing a magic themed story time at the public library for a group of elementary school students and they loved it too. The ending has a perfect little twist that makes it so much fun.

Charlotte stayed awake for the entire book last night and looked at each spread of pages as I read the book, so she definitely was drawn to the bright illustrations against plenty of white space.  Her dad loved the book too and let out a couple of chuckles during the story.

My copy is older but from the link above to the Penguin Random House website it looks as though this book will be coming out in hardcover again in September so keep an eye out for it! And a on a side note – Agee also has a great book called Little Santa which has been so popular with my kindergarteners and first graders at school!